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Rochdale Car Key replacement Cutting

Replacement Car Keys Rochdale | 24/7 Fast Emergency Access

Ok, so you have locked your keys in your vehicle OR your car locked itself with the engine running? Can happen to anyone, no need to despair, help is at hand, give us a call, as a very local auto locksmith, we can be with you in  Rochdale, Greater Manchester or the surrounding areas usually  within the hour.

Your vehicle is safe our expert hands, we can gain entry with no damage, in other words, by skilled lock-picking or cleverly bypassing your car’s security system.

Rochdale Car Key Cutting

Your thinking this is going to be expensive, well not necessarily, firstly  there’s No Call-Out Fee and unlike a national Car Locksmith, or often a smaller firm they call and send on their behalf, we don’t charge VAT either.

Car Key replacement near you in Rochdale is fast and affordable.

As a small, independent auto locksmith we’re not large enough to be VAT registered (we don’t want to be). But most importantly, this saves you, our customers minimum 20% on our rivals prices.

From Range Rover keys, Audi to Ford and Renault keys, we can save the day and save you money.

Types of Car Keys

There are various types of car keys, and the type of key you have will affect the process of key cutting. Some of the most common types of car keys include:


  1. * Traditional keys – 
  2. These are the standard keys that come with most vehicles. They usually have a basic design and do not have any advanced features.
  3. * Transponder keys – 
  4. These keys have a microchip inside that communicates with the car’s
    onboard computer. They are designed to prevent theft and are commonly used in modern vehicles.
  5. * Remote keys
    – These keys have buttons that can lock and unlock the car, and some models can even start the car remotely.
  6. * Smart keys
    These keys are designed to communicate with the car wirelessly. They can unlock the doors and start the car without having to insert the key into the ignition.
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