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Auto Locksmiths Rochdale | 24/7 Fast Emergency Access

Locked your keys in your vehicle? Did your car lock itself with the engine running? Stranded, given up hope ? Do not despair – 

Give us a call, as a very local auto locksmith, we only look after the Rochdale and the North West of England areas to be with you rapidly, usually within 30 minutes.

And your car is safe in our hands because we can gain entry again with no damage. In other words, by skilled lock-picking or cleverly bypassing your car’s security system.

As for cost, there’s No Call-Out Fee and unlike a national Car Locksmith, or often a smaller firm they call and send on their behalf, we don’t charge VAT either.

As a small, independent auto locksmith we’re not large to be VAT registered (we don’t want to be). But most importantly, that saves our customers at least 20% on those rival prices.

We can save the day and save you money!

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Auto Locksmiths Rochdale | 24/7 Fast Emergency Access

Frequently Asked Question

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

We’ll get you back inside with non-destructive lock picking – no damage to the lock or frame.

We have the expertise and latest equipment to cut keys and fobs for practically every vehicle manufacturer.

Cutting a key is one thing but you need additional equipment to program the chip within a key and synch it to your cars’ transponder. We bring that to every job.

We have the equipment to retool broken key blades and repair any broken button on a car key fob.

While we predominantly cover the North West, if you need our help we will be happy to assist.

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We're a north west local locksmith specialising in Auto Locksmiths Rochdale services, with strong connections to the community, we won't let you down.

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Auto Locksmiths Rochdale | 24/7 Fast Emergency Access

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Call now, we will rush to your aid and get you safely back inside your vehicle again with expert lockpicking. There’s no Call-Out Fee and as an independent car locksmith, there’s No VAT to pay either!